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Cuz bad gets thee

Bad times Three

by: Trey


I love Halloween and I have some graphics for you. There are games to play and death is on every page ;). Don't be afraid, look around.

Halloween originated in Celtic times (600-800 BC) in Britain and Northern France when the year was divided into a Light half and a Dark half. The beginning of Winter or the Dark half of the year fell on or about October 31. The three day festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in) was the Celtic New Year and was a time to communicate with the dead and other spirits.

In the first century the Romans invaded Britain and Gaul. Samhain became the Day of Ponoma, the goddess of fruit, and this festival celebrated the apple harvest.

At the end of the Dark Ages Christianity flourished. Pope Boniface made May 13 a holy day to remember Mary and all the martyrs and in 709 Pope Gregory the III included all the Saints. In the year 835 the date was changed to November 1 and it was named All Saints Day. So October 31 became All Hallows Eve or Halloween, the night mischievious ghosts and goblins are about. Witches keep the sabbat of Samhain still.

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